10 Reasons Why You Should Never Adopt A Shelter Dog

1. Because they never get along with other dogs.

These two became best friends in the shelter, and were adopted together!

2. Because they are all sad and damaged.

3. Because they don't play ball.

I hope to one day feel the same amount of love as Sully did with his tennis ball.

4. Because shelters are full of pit bulls.

5. And Pit bulls are mean and scary.

6. Because it's way too sad to see dogs in cages.

7. Because they are all untrained and not well behaved.

Amy following her command to "sit".

8. Because rescues pick the best ones anyways.

Rescues save many dogs from the pound, but have limited space. Just because a dog hasn't been rescued doesn't mean he or she isn't worthy.

9. Because shelter dogs aren't healthy.

Each shelter has an on-site medical facility that will treat dogs for any illness or injury, as well as ensure that each dog is spayed or neutered before adopted. 

10. Because adopting is expensive.

While rescues can charge around $400 in adoption fees, you can adopt a shelter dog for as low as $25 depending on what specials shelters are running. I got my shelter dog Billy for the standard price of $70.


There you have - 10 debunked reasons why you should not adopt a shelter dog, so stop with the excuses and find your new best friend today!


All dogs pictured were shelter dogs of the West LA Animal Shelter.